• Arabesque Perfumes •

Arabesque Perfumes is the most innovative House of Fragrances in the Middle East.

Perfumers decided to change the approach to traditional oriental fragrances with help of modern technologies to create something fundamentally new. But at the same time retain the oriental style that embodies the luxury and rich culture of the Arabian Peninsula.

The project turned out to be so interesting that leading professionals of perfumery from all over the world joined it, including the director of the famous perfume school Givaudan.


extrait de parfum

Our Fragrances

The new unique molecules were specially created for Arabesque perfumes. Only rare and expensive materials of exceptional quality are used in manufacturing process. All fragrances are as concentrated as possible and released in the format of Extrait De Parfum with a volume of 50ml. The bottles were made of unique polished glass with a metal heavy cover.


The Presentation

Emphasizing with the traditional Arabic architectural design and decorated with Arabic calligraphy. The author is the legendary calligraph artist Mohammed Hassan Khaleelullah. The bottle of fragrance is placed inside a beautiful box. This is a gift box with treasures that opens the way to a new pleasure and fragrance journey.

  • Luz Vaquero

    Creator of Pearl

    With a diploma in chemistry, Luz started her career at Iberchem as a lab supervisor. Four years later she joined the team of perfumers and became the director in 2015. For more than two decades Iberchem fragrance creation director Luz Vaquero has been perfecting their craft.

  • Alain Alchenberger

    Creator of Naema

    Alain Alchenberger is one of the most famous and legendary figures in the perfume world. He also leads the Givaudan school. Alain began his journey as a trainee perfumer in 1979 and has since amassed a wealth of experience working across various categories such as fine fragrance.

  • Miroslav Petkov

    Creator of Bacara & Kohel

    Miroslav Petkov is one of the world's finest perfumers, to whom world famous brands assign the serious task of creating new fragrances. Different cultures have different attitudes to fragrances, but he says that “a good perfume is good everywhere.”