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Pearl is the new fragrance by Arabesque perfumes! The olfactor story about summer, sea, sun and good mood! The creator of this fragrance is the famous perfumer Luz Vaquero. She has embodied her best and happiest memories in the perfume composition. She likes sunday walking along the Mediterranean sea shore, a family picnic at sunny mid-afternoon, reading her favorite books… These little trips always inspired her! And her new fragrance became like a keepsake box of memorable impressiions and emotions!
The fragrance coming off incredible positive, sunny and pretty!
Perfume starts with a basket of ripe and juicy fruits. The summer breeze brings the sweetness of orange trees and the scent of peaches! The duet of green apple and sweet guava gives an extraordinary freshness and a lot of positive emotions. The base notes of splendid white musk and delicate soft vanilla mixed with wonderful white flowers!
Lux realised her dream and create bright and cheerful fragrance that gives a light joyful mood to you and everyone around!


Perfumer: Luz Vaquero

Type of fragrance: fruit, musky
Top notes: green apple, guava
Heart notes: fruit lollipop, peach, moroccan orange, tonka beans
Base notes: white musk, vanilla, white flowers