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Alan Alchenberger (the creator of the fragrance) is one of the most famous and legendary figures in the perfume world. He leads the Givaudan school and also with leading chemists takes part in the development of new molecules for perfumes! "I tried to embody the universe by creating a perfume with a rich mysterious and sophisticated history!" - said Alain about his new creation.

His inspiration for creating Naema was the sumptuous scenery of an Italian theatre with its monumental crystal chandelier hanging from a richly crafted ceiling. And, of course, the drama and grandeur of the Italian opera! Love, passion and faith - all this things you'll find in a bottle with the scent of Naema!

The composition captures from the first notes! A placer of iris petals in combination with notes of ripe black currant keeps in tension from the first to the last chord. A note of rum (so untypical for oriental fragrance) adds exotics and complicates the sound of the fragrance. Woody notes enhance the perception of oriental nuance in the perfume composition.


The perfume was created by: Alain Alchenberger
Characteristic of the fragrance: mysterious, sexy
Type of fragrance: oriental, spicy
Top notes: fruit mix, black currant, rum
Heart notes: flower mix, spice, ambergris, iris
Base notes: woody, musk
Type: Extrait de Parfum 50ml